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If you are interested in becoming a member please contact NYSFDA at 518.452.8230, or download and complete a Membership Packet and return to NYSFDA.  Remember, by renewing your membership you are adhering to NYSFDA's Code of Ethics.

Membership Categories

To expand our reach and fulfill our mission, we’ve enhanced our member categories. In addition to modifying the Regular Firm Affiliate membership, we’ve added new categories for licensed individuals not employed by a member firm, including funeral home staff, trade service professionals, and suppliers. Our goal is to provide these professionals the opportunity to experience the value of membership and further elevate the industry, one professional at a time.

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Is a NYSFDA Membership Affordable?
Yes! Membership is based on the number of cases handled by a firm for the previous calendar year. The dues are $6 per case for the first 300 cases, $3 per case for the second 300 cases, and $1.50 per case for any cases after 600. You will also pay a $305 base fee once, even if you have more than one funeral firm. In addition, your dues will be offset many times over by the actual savings you’ll gain by becoming a member!

Payment Options
Applicants may pay using either check, credit card, or have a monthly installment taken out of their checking account.

What Your Membership Means to NYSFDA
Even though NYSFDA has become the premier state funeral directing association in the nation, we all know there is much more to be done to advance funeral directing and face down the ongoing challenges to our profession and its traditions. And quite frankly, the larger and more powerful we are, the more powerful you are, meaning even more people will listen to what we have to say. But we can’t do it without you. In order to represent all funeral directors, we need to know the issues that are important to you. We need you to join NYSFDA to help us make a difference!

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If you have questions, please contact or, or call 800.291.2629.

Recent Accomplishments

Over the past few years we eased back into "business as usual," and our primary focus remained providing you with the resources, programming and industry leadership necessary to succeed as a Funeral Director in New York State. 

  1. In July 2021 our "Electronic Signatures" bill was signed into law. This law allows the use of technology to complete commonly-used forms in funeral and cemetery services, streamlining your day-to-day operations.
  2. The Annual Convention provides members the opportunity to gather in-person to earn valuable CEUs, cultivate relationships, and celebrate accomplishments.  
  3. PrePlan Funeral Trust continues to serve as the state's leader in preneed trust fund management. We continue to receive unqualified ("clean") annual audit reports. This is just one more confirmation that all of our investments are fully secure and compliant, checks and balances are in place, and all legal requirements are met. The Gold Standard. Our commitment to you.
  4. Our enhanced website - designed to provide all the information and resources you need in a central location and user-friendly manner.

NYSFDA Membership at Work During the COVID-19 Pandemic (2020)

From the very beginning of the pandemic through today, we’re working as your advocates and serving as your go-to source for timely information and updates necessary to do your job safely while continuing to serve your families in the best way possible. Throughout the past year, your NYSFDA membership provided:

  • 8 video messages from Executive Director Mike Lanotte explaining the most critical news.
  • 15 live update webinars designed to answer your specific questions.
  • a COVID-19 Resource webpage frequently updated with the latest information.
  • 145+ pandemic-specific emails outlining evolving regulations, restrictions, and vaccination details.
  • 13 text messages delivered right to your phone with urgent pandemic news.

Additionally, we successfully advocated for the enactment of Executive Orders that provided necessary relief, including allowing for the use of digital/electronic signatures on funeral service-related documents; and authorizing non-NY licensed funeral directors, licensed but inactive NY funeral directors, and unlicensed funeral home staff to serve as designated agents under the supervision of NY licensed funeral directors. We also continue to serve as the primary advocate for funeral service with key stakeholders, including the Governor’s office, NYS Department of Health, NYS Department of State, Division of Cemeteries, FEMA, various statewide and regional associations, and many others.

Know that whatever comes next, we are ready to work for you well into the future. And now, more than ever, your active membership is critical to the success of your funeral firm.