Student Day

The future of our industry is as important as ever, and NYSFDA is committed to cultivating relationships with mortuary science students, registered residents, and recent graduates. On Saturday, April 13 the NYSFDA Bridge Commission hosted an in-person Student Day, a full-day event designed for students and residents to connect, network, and learn from one another and licensed funeral directors. 

Practical, hands-on learning. Workshop discussions covered everything from navigating arrangements with families to dressing for success and interviewing tips. Plus, participants experienced real-life scenarios, stepped through different “what would you do?” situations, and reviewed everything from removal (proper techniques when using church trucks and stretchers) to setting up for services, including: cremation, casket navigation, flag presentation, and flower arranging.

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Members of the NYSFDA Bridge Commission are: Lorna Agusto, CFSP, David Conley, Nicholas Farenga (chair), Julia Goodman, Michael Gorton, Jr., CFSP, Michelle Kinville, Sabrina Joynes, CFSP, Tyler Kent, Marika McMeans, CFSP, Heather Rauch, Erin Salie, and Daniel Zysman.