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Seeking Resident/Recently NYS Licensed FD - Metropolitan Area

Seeking Resident/Recently NYS Licensed Funeral Director to help new graduate study for National Boards.

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Classifieds, Staff Wanted

Licensed Funeral Director/Resident - Capital District

Scott & Barbieri Family Funeral Homes, a multi-generational, family-owned and operated funeral firm with multiple locations, is seeking a highly motivated, hardworking professional with exceptional fo...

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Classifieds, Staff Wanted

NYS Licensed Funeral Director/Resident - WNY

WANTED: NYS Licensed Funeral Director/Embalmer or NYS Resident for a family owned firm handling 200+ calls per year from 2 locations. Living quarters are available.

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Classifieds, Staff Wanted

Licensed Funeral Director - Rochester

We are a progressive, third generation firm serving families through two locations in Rochester’s east side. We take pride in our rich history, which is fueled by the trust and loyalty our community

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Seeking Funeral Assistant Position - Greater Metropolitan Area

Hostos Community College Forensics Science major interested in a part time (minimum of 20 hours a week) Funeral Assistant role in Lower Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn or the South Bronx.

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