Webinar Series

NYSFDA is committed to providing state-of-the-art education and training opportunities to New York State’s funeral services professionals. Our Webinar Series provides regularly-scheduled training sessions to help licensed funeral directors fulfill Continuing Education requirements and mandatory OSHA training. Webinars cover a range of topics, ensuring members stay on top of their profession. 

Protecting the Funeral Home from Liability

Date & Time: Wednesday, June 21, 2023 | 1-2pm
Presenter: Jen Graziano, licensed attorney and 4th generation licensed Funeral Director (NY & CT)

Law Firms are actively scouting potential clients under the guise that they have suffered “Funeral Home Negligence.” During this session we'll help funeral firms become aware of potential claims that can arise from dealings with client families and to mitigate areas of potential liability exposure. We'll bring attention to recent and potential claims advertised and encouraged by big law firms. We'll review and encourage ways and methods to be more mindful of these claims in our daily course of business. We'll cover:

  • Potential areas of liability
  • Types of Damages that can be awarded
  • Potential claims against funeral homes
  • How potential claims can arise in normal course of business
  • How to protect your funeral home and yourself

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*Please note, each course can only be taken once per biennium.