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We wanted to make you aware of a free crematorium reservation service that can help you increase efficiency and streamline your business while navigating the logistical difficulties brought on by COVID-19. A New York State-based company named All Funeral Services, LLC recognized the unique needs of funeral homes that were highlighted by the pandemic and launched a program that allows funeral directors to book crematorium reservations directly online. NYSFDA has not formally endorsed the company or the service product, but we do want to make you aware of it because we saw how important and welcomed by funeral directors such a system was during the height of the pandemic in New York City, Long Island and other places in the Metropolitan area.

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The New York State Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Records (NYSDOH, BVR) is excited to announce the statewide implementation of the Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS) Amendment functionality, in effect September 15, 2020. This implementation follows an extensive pilot program with three major NYS counties; Monroe, Nassau, and Suffolk. Local Registrars, statewide, will no longer accept corrections for any cases that were filed electronically after implementation.

The Amendment functionality allows users, with appropriately assigned permissions, to submit changes directly on the case within the EDRS for electronically registered death cases. Using the EDRS significantly reduces the need for manual interlineation on hard copies, generates automated notifications, and expedites amendment processing. NOTE: Electronic amendments cannot be completed for paper or Dropped to paper records.

As part of legislation passed earlier this year within the 2021 State budget is a new statewide paid sick leave law which took effect September 1, 2020. Under the law, beginning September 30 employees will begin accruing leave time for use starting January 1, 2021. As described below, the new leave provisions, which amend the NY Labor Law, will require New York employers of all sizes to provide a certain amount of paid or unpaid sick leave to be used for certain medical and employee safety-related reasons.

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