New York State Funeral Directors Association

The New York State Funeral Directors Association, Inc. (NYSFDA) is the largest and most powerful organization representing the interests of funeral firms in New York State and is the nationally recognized leader of state funeral directors' associations in the country. NYSFDA provides a wide variety of high-quality services and opportunities to our members. We offer a variety of education and programs that help our Members stay on top of their profession.

NYSFDA Programming

A dedicated staff, headquartered in Albany, NY, coordinates the following programming under the guidance of an all-volunteer, member-elected Board of Directors.

Government Affairs Program

  • Through the support of the membership, NYSFDA has proudly built a record of success that is second to none.
  • NYSFDA advocates for - and protects the interests of - New York's funeral directors, funeral homes, and the families they serve.
  • NYSFDA’s strong grassroots network – the Government Affairs Action Team (GAAT) – is well-respected by legislators in Albany and across the state.

Education and Professional Development

  • Regularly-scheduled training sessions help Members fulfill Continuing Education requirements and mandatory OSHA training.
  • Our annual NYSFDA Convention and Tradeshow features educational opportunities and brings members together with suppliers of products and services.
  • Annual Regional Meetings are held in convenient locations around the state and sessions, scheduled periodically, explain new laws and address changes in the funeral service environment - as they occur.
  • A frequently updated calendar of events helps Members maintain excellence in their profession with details and schedules on a variety of Professional Development opportunities.


  • Up-to-date industry information alerts Members to important issues via text and e-mail bulletins.
  • Newsletters in print and electronic formats provide Members with engaging articles about the funeral profession, news and issues in addition to advertisements for helpful products and services.
  • Members are availed a library of industry-specific guidelines, compliance materials and a list of publications to help educate families.
  • Our robust website and social media platforms connect the public to our Member funeral homes and highlight the importance of the services they provide.

Preplanning Services

  • Our Members get exclusive access to the services of PrePlan Trust, the industry leader in preneed trust fund management. 
  • PrePlan achieves 100% compliance with all state laws and regulations, offering complete security for both consumers and funeral directors. 
  • Accredited by the Better Business Bureau, PrePlan Trust is proud to hold an A+ rating.

Credit Union Services from Directors Choice Credit Union

  • Membership in the NYSFDA enables funeral directors, their staff and family to join Directors Choice Credit Union - a state credit union designed specifically to provide quality financial services unique to the funeral directing industry.

How is NYSFDA Governed?

NYSFDA is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of licensed funeral directors from small and large firms around the state who are industry leaders.

They are typically outstanding practitioners of funeral directing who have demonstrated a commitment to upholding the mission and goals of the Association. According to their level of interest and activity, our members also have the opportunity to serve on the standing committees that make up the organizational structure of the Association. These committees include Budget & Finance, Constitution and By-laws, Disaster, and Government Affairs. NYSFDA also works closely with local funeral directors associations located in every region of New York State.

Membership Categories

Regular Membership

Regular membership is available to any funeral firm licensed by the State of New York. Regular Members shall be entitled to all privileges of membership. Each Regular Member will designate a licensed and registered funeral director, either an owner or employee of the firm, who shall vote on behalf of the firm and can hold elective office.

Affiliate Membership
Funeral directors, undertakers, embalmers or residents licensed by the State of New York who are owners, partners or employees of a person, firm or corporation which is a Regular Member of NYSFDA. Affiliate Members shall be entitled to all privileges of membership except holding elective office and voting.

Contributing or Sustaining Membership
These additional payments represent a voluntary gift to NYSFDA; Contributing and Sustaining Members are listed periodically in the monthly newsletter.

Legacy Membership
Individuals who had their membership in NYSFDA terminated due to their relationship as an owner, manager, partner or employee of a Regular Firm member ending is eligible for Legacy Membership if that individual is a licensed funeral director, undertaker or embalmer and is not an owner, manager, partner, or employee of any licensed funeral firm. Legacy Members are entitled to all privileges of membership except holding elected office and voting.

Who Can Join?

Membership in NYSFDA is open to any funeral firm licensed by the State of New York, and includes all funeral directors, undertakers, embalmers and registered residents of that firm who are similarly licensed by New York State.

Is a NYSFDA Membership Affordable?

Yes! Membership is based on the number of cases handled by a firm for the previous calendar year. The dues are $6 per case for the first 300 cases, $3 per case for the second 300 cases, and $1.50 per case for any cases after 600. You will also pay a $250 base fee once, even if you have more than one funeral firm. In addition, your dues will be offset many times over by the actual savings you’ll gain by becoming a member!

Payment Options

Applicants may pay using either check or credit card (Visa/MC) or have a monthly installment taken out of their checking account.

What Your Membership Means to NYSFDA

Even though NYSFDA has become the premier state funeral directing association in the nation, we all know there is much more to be done to advance funeral directing and face down the ongoing challenges to our profession and its traditions. And quite frankly, the larger and more powerful we are, the more powerful you are, meaning even more people will listen to what we have to say. But we can’t do it without you. In order to represent all funeral directors, we need to know the issues that are important to you. We need you to join NYSFDA to help us make a difference!

How Do I Join?

If you are interested in becoming a member please contact NYSFDA at 518-452-8230 or or download and fill out a membership packet and return it to NYSFDA

Become a member of the oldest funeral directors association in the US.

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