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Walter J. Kent

Funeral Director Les Grummons was at an Oneonta cemetery for a service one day when a 15 year-old local youth came over and introduced himself.

It was young Walter Kent, the son of the church’s secretary who’d picked up a job mowing lawns at the cemetery.

Image of Youth Participating in the Children's Fun Run During Katie's Run 2016

More than 1,500 people gathered for a 5-kilometer marathon in late June of 2016. Most – and likely all – learned about a vibrant, 11-year-old girl named Katie who lost a battle with Leukemia in 2008.

Katie McBrideDespite her short life, the daughter of a Long Island funeral director continues to impact her community and the lives of other children facing serious illness thanks to a foundation her family created in her honor.

Mike LanotteMichael A. Lanotte, NYSFDA's new executive Director, celebrates his first week on the job. Don’t let that fool you. Mike is a seasoned association professional with over twenty years of experience. We wanted to know what makes him so passionate about his new role. Here’s what he had to say.