New York State Funeral Directors Association

ALBANY, NY (August 2014) -- The New York State Funeral Directors Association (NYSFDA) hosted its annual statewide convention in Verona, NY, August 10 - 13, 2014.

The event brought hundreds of funeral directors, guests, and exhibitors to the region.  The convention was held at Turning Stone Resort and Casino.

Animals from the Farm of the Late Alvin E. Allen Grace the Lawn of the Norman L. Waterman Funeral Home During Allen's Funeral

The late Alvin E. Allen woke up each morning to feed the beef cattle on his family farm before heading off to work his day job at another farm. He’d return home from work each day and again care for the family farm’s animals.

Livestock and other residents of the family farm were an important part of Allen’s life – so funeral director Norman Waterman had no qualms when family members asked if they could bring Whalen to the funeral home for the farmer’s wake.

Family members and neighbors gathered some mobile fencing and trucked Whalen – a 1,000 pound Hereford bull – into town.

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Rest in Peace James Barnhart

By early May of 2015, James Barnhart is preparing to leave his hometown in Upstate New York for two months. It would be the final step in his career as a funeral director.

After working 51 years straight, exactly what a 60-day vacation might mean wasn’t yet defined.

“I’ve never been away that long,” said Barnhart, who expects to be playing golf when he gets to Myrtle Beach with his wife, Carol, who handled administrative work in the C.H. Landers Funeral Home office for 39 years.

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