New York State Funeral Directors Association

Mike LanotteMichael A. Lanotte, NYSFDA's new executive Director, celebrates his first week on the job. Don’t let that fool you. Mike is a seasoned association professional with over twenty years of experience. We wanted to know what makes him so passionate about his new role. Here’s what he had to say.



1. What are you most excited about as you join the NYSFDA team?
I am very excited about the people. The NYSFDA team immediately impressed me with their passion. They believe in what they do and work hard to provide value to our members. I have also been awestruck by the volunteer leadership. Members of all the boards are dedicated, thought leaders who impressed me with their engagement and commitment. And, on top of it all, everyone has been so welcoming and helpful that I instantly felt like part of the family.

2. What was it like working at the New York Credit Union Association (NYCUA)?
Much like NYSFDA, NYCUA is a fast-paced, multi-faceted organization I called home for twenty-three years. I joined the NYCUA as associate counsel in 1993 and was named general counsel in 1997. I served as senior vice president of Association Services since 2000 and was responsible for compliance, community development, education and training, governance, governmental affairs, member services, the New York Credit Union Foundation and legal and regulatory affairs.

3. As you envision NYSFDA’s future, what do you see?
I see opportunity. Bonnie and her team have built a tremendous organization poised to support the membership in the years ahead. I am confident that by working together we, NYSFDA and its members, will forge a bright, successful future for our industry.

4. What’s your preferred method of meeting?
I have always found in-person meetings to be the most productive, especially when getting to know someone, as I will be, or when discussing a complex or challenging issue. That said, I recognize the time commitment that entails and the flexibility afforded by teleconferences and videoconferencing, so will rely on various methods to ensure timely, two-way communication.

5. What should people expect to see from you in your first year on the job?
I will be in 'sponge-mode' at first, learning and absorbing as much as I can from the NYSFDA team, leadership and members. I want to get a good feel for our operations and strategies and will use my first year to go through a full cycle of events to do so.

6. What is your first NYSFDA trip booked?
I will be joining the NYSFDA officers at the National Funeral Directors Association’s Leadership Conference in July. NFDA has invited several respected leadership and association management experts to present at this year’s conference. I am looking forward to it.

7. Where did you go to school?
I received my Juris Doctorate degree from Albany Law School of Union University after graduating cum laude from Union College in Schenectady.

8. Where do you call home?
Niskayuna which is a town between Albany and Schenectady is where my wife, Patricia, son Anthony, when not attending college at Clemson, and daughter Lauren, who will be entering 8th grade in the Fall call home. I am a native New Yorker born and raised in Queens.

9. Who are your favorite sports teams?
Oh yes! Everyone will quickly learn that I am an avid Mets fan. I bleed orange and blue, Lets Go Mets! I am also a big Giants and Rangers fan. And, in case you couldn't tell blue is my favorite color.

I look forward to meeting you all at NYSFDA’s Annual Convention in Rochester, August 14-17!