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Henry Johnson is honored with a statue in Washington Park in Albany, NY

If there’s any story that can’t be told on a headstone, it’s the tale of members of the 369th Infantry Regiment from New York – the first group of American soldiers shipped off to France for World War I.

Photographs and memorabilia on exhibit in Albany highlight one of the greatest stories of America’s participation in World War I – that of the Harlem Hellfighters, a regiment of all African Americans.

It’s a display that can leave the viewer with a variety of feelings. For me, it’s a combination of pride and shame.

The Dead Moms Club: A Memoir, by Kate Spencer, © 2017, Seal Press

It’s always good to belong somewhere.

You feel important when you’ve memorized the Organizational Bylines, or recited the pledge before meetings. You belong, and if you’ve got the funny hat, that’s great; better, if you know the Secret Handshake, too.

Everybody loves to belong – but in “The Dead Moms Club” by Kate Spencer, here’s a fellowship you never want to join.

Left to Right: Sylvester Stallone at the Cannes Film Festival, image by Georges Biard, used   under CC BY-SA 3.0 License, from Wikipedia; Denzel Washington at the press conference of The Equalizer, 2014 Toronto Film   Festival, by GabboT, used under CC BY-SA-2.0 License, from Wikipedia; Jackie Chan at the launch of Bleeding Steel Press Conference, Sydney Opera   House. Image by Eva Rinaldi - used under C BY-SA 2.0 license; from Wikipedia.

I’ve been an action movie fan as long as I can remember watching movies.

So I was instantly upset when a hoax popped up on Social Media erroneously suggesting movie star Sylvester Stallone had passed away.

It wasn’t true. But after I confirmed it was a hoax, I decided it really wasn’t that bad a thing.

Video: Slaves No More

New York's Capital Region honors, re-buries Colonial-era slaves. Found by accident in an unmarked cemetery, scientists pinpointed their African origin and the community held a wake and funeral.

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