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Wild and Precious Life by Deborah Ziegler ©2016 Emily Bestler Books - Atria

Sometimes, you just have to let go.

Sentimental possessions have no room in a new home. Once-favorite clothing no longer fits. A raggedy gift needs replacing, and old hurts stand in the way of a new day.

And sometimes, as in the new book “A Wild and Precious Life” by Deborah Ziegler, you let go of someone you love.

It’s particularly true around the holiday season: parents mourning the loss of a child need somebody to talk to. But they encounter different things, depending on where they go. Some find relatives are eager to see the end of their grief – as if it’s lasted too long.

Kent Funeral Home New Herase

Venerable and distinctive, the hearse has served as a hallmark of funeral processions for more than a century.

And with good reason, according to Funeral Director Walter J. Kent – it’s the central vehicle in a funeral because of who it carries.

This summer, Kent became one of only two-dozen people worldwide to acquire a 2016 Grand Vista Classic Coach.

Video: Slaves No More

New York's Capital Region honors, re-buries Colonial-era slaves. Found by accident in an unmarked cemetery, scientists pinpointed their African origin and the community held a wake and funeral.

Video: Family History

Today, resources are becoming more widely available, giving people the ability to learn exciting stories about their ancestors. Find 14 great tips on the Blog.


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