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Some of the earliest graves in existence were marked with rocks, wood, or stones.

In some cultures, these primitive items were placed on top of the deceased's grave as a way to stop them from coming back to haunt the living.

William Shakespeare. He’s been called a genius for his deep understanding of humanity, and his influence on the English language is renowned.

His fame should make it easy for people to take interest in hearing there’s somebody out there talking about pulling Shakespeare out of his grave to study his bones.

If what’s left of me gets put on display centuries from now, I hope I have an expression on my face similar to what I saw on faces of these poor “mummies” at the Cincinnati museum that was charging people $19.50 to gawk at the remains of dead humans.

It’s a look that says “What did I do to deserve this?”

Video: Slaves No More

New York's Capital Region honors, re-buries Colonial-era slaves. Found by accident in an unmarked cemetery, scientists pinpointed their African origin and the community held a wake and funeral.

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