New York State Funeral Directors Association

NYSFDA membership has its advantages! When you become a member of NYSFDA you aren't just getting the best resources, education opportunities and legislative support you also get access to some really great deals! NYSFDA has worked to partner with some amazing companies that can help you achieve great success. We will be unveiling additional partnerships in the near future so be on the lookout for more valuable members-only saving opportunities. Please contact Marianne or Dannielle at 800-291-2629 for more information or to simply provide your feedback.


NYSFDA Member Advantage Program:




AFC and NYSFDA are now working together toward our common goal of improving funeral service and helping guide funeral professionals down the path to a higher level of success. NYSFDA members receive a 10% discount for AFC services!


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NYSFDA members receive a group savings of 20% on Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express processor's rates.


A guaranteed savings of up to 10-15% for you as a benefit of your membership with NYSFDA. Existing customers of W.B. Mason can explore additional saving opportunities though a cost analysis of the products not currently purchased.