New York State Funeral Directors Association

Please Read Before Submitting
NYSFDA will post "Staff Wanted" and "For Sale or Rent" ads for NYSFDA Members as a benefit of membership. "Seeking Employment" ads will be posted for NYS Licensed Funeral Directors and graduates seeking a Residency in order to provide our members a field of candidates for their funeral homes.

Non-members and out-of-state firms: online classifieds are placed at a rate of $50 per-month. Please contact us at 800-291-2629 for details.

All submissions are subject to prior approval in accordance with our Terms of Use Policy before being posted. Approved ads are typically posted within three business days, and automatically expire after 90 days. To resubmit an ad after it has expired please fill out the Classified Ad Request form below and check the "resubmission" button at the bottom of the form. Please contact immediately when a position has been filled or found.

IMPORTANT: Remember to include accurate contact information before subitting your ad.

Please specify if you wish people to respond to your ad via e-mail, telephone or both.

Ads that do not include contact information will not be approved.

NYSFDA provides display advertising options in the organization's newsletters and electronic publications. CLICK HERE to view advertising program details.


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