New York State Funeral Directors Association

I knew I wanted to be a funeral director from the time I was in eighth grade.

When I was younger, I enjoyed taking the long trips to far away cemeteries with my father, even though he was a man of few words and there wasn’t a radio in the hearse. I simply enjoyed being by his side and watching him work.

I grew up living at the funeral home.

Even when my father was very busy, we got to see him all the time.

We always had dinner together as a family, with him using a “dish towel bib” to keep his suit clean in between the 2-4 and 7-9 calling hours!

He was the best teacher I could imagine. I’ve learned from all his life experiences.

He always included me, allowing me to attend the local and state meetings with him, and sharing his thoughts on the business.

I was able to work side by side with him for many years in the prep room and to sit beside him to watch and listen as he met with families.

He allowed me to work every day, see all that I could, and be involved as much as possible.

He did also allow me to have family time so I could raise my three kids and be a part of their lives while continuing to work at the funeral home.Jamie Turcotte And Father Joseph Turcotte

My father has always been well-respected by his peers and members of our community.

He has such a great work ethic and respected reputation in the funeral business.

He taught me to be honest, ethical, to treat people right, and to always go the extra mile.

He encouraged me to work someplace else prior to working with him to get another perspective on how things are done, and to help build my confidence in being a good funeral director.

He has always made me feel loved and supported.

He was a teacher who taught by example, genuinely cared about me, my wellbeing, and of course my job.

My father is not currently involved with the day-to-day operations of the funeral home, but his continued presence at the funeral home and working most funerals provides a great deal of support to me personally and also to the community he served for so many years.

As our time working together winds down, I will be forever grateful for the extra time we were able to spend together, the inside jokes, car rides, long days, dinners, and the time off he allowed me to attend my kids’ school functions in the middle of the work day.

Being part of a family business brings work into your personal life with a greater sense of responsibility.

It is hard to separate work and family life, but I’ve been fortunate to have a family that supports me and continues to help me run the family business!