New York State Funeral Directors Association

When pursuing life’s work or destiny, there is always a lot of second guessing if one made the right choices.

My business career actually started when I was eleven years old - I inherited my brother's paper route.

I later recognized, in my adult life, that I developed two traits that I needed to follow to be happy.

First and foremost I needed to work for myself and by myself.

In other words, no bosses telling me what to do (except the customer) and no employees, only sub-contractors.

It was a perfect situation and I was “LIVING THE DREAM.”

At night I would sleep peacefully with hardly any worries, except when I thought of expansion, multiple locations and funerals every day of the week and three on Monday.

Then I would wake up in a cold, wet, ringing sweat, only to quickly get back into the real world.

Then, one day, my son informed me that he would like to come and work with me. 

I was shocked at first because he had never mentioned it at all during his college days.

I was actually overjoyed and excited and a memory quickly came to mind.

During a show of “Dobie Gillis (millennials Google now) there is a scene where his father produced a sign that read “Gillis & Son.”

He had it made right after Dobie’s birth some 20 years earlier.Funeral Director Dean Burns and Son Tim of Burns-Garfield Funeral Home of Syracuse

I had originally desired that he do his residency at another funeral to learn a different approach and style and bring it home.

However I had a reoccurrence of a medical issue and had to being him on board.

The first day was quite interesting, when I handed him the phone book to look up someone's phone number.

He placed it on the desk and went to the computer and had it in five seconds.

My initial thought was “boy I have a lot to learn.” 

The last 10 years “I’ve been living the dream.”

All that I hoped and prayed for was opening before my eyes.

Both my children married and three grandchildren.

Who could ask for anything more?

I do still have bad dreams but they're about my son seeking a different career choice, which I would truly endorse. 

Now if his sister decides to get in the boat “THEN THAT COULD START THE NIGHTMARES AGAIN.”

Just kidding Gin! Luv ya all.