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Use the handy Checklist to jot down account numbers, military service history, detail the whereabouts of important documents and record how to take care of your pets.

Take a walk down Memory Lane with our My Memories workbook. Record details you may not have shared with your family: where you went to grade school, where you met your spouse, your favorite moments in college, what your hobbies were before you had children.

Learn how you can craft your own memorial service - instead of leaving it up to those you leave behind - and view documents used to create a personal funeral plan which thousands of New Yorkers have already prepared.

The packet contains:BookletView

My Memories My Stories My Life - An easy-to-read workbook to write down important aspects of your life, such as where you went to school, your favorite hobbies and people you found influential.

Preplanning Prefunding A Funeral: Why and How: - An informative booklet explaining the steps involved in funeral planning, consumer protections availed to NYS residents and topics including taxes and public programs. Booklet includes sample documents helpful for understanding the process.

Personal and Financial Affairs Checklist for End-of-Life Planning - A simple yet comprehensive brochure outlines details everyone should have handy and provides spaces to record important elements of your life including the location of important policies, documents, passwords, plans for your pets and your own funeral planning details.


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